Environment-FairCorporations have the responsibility to optimize the impact of their operations on the environment, the economy and society.

At QAPCO and Qatofin, sustainability is measured via clear indicators, monitoring our impact on all of our stakeholders. Contributing to capacity building by developing the talents of our employees, being involved in outreach and CSR programs that make a difference within our community, supporting local SMEs by increasing local procurement, and placing the wellbeing of our employees as a key priority are examples of our focus on sustainability.

CNA-Q Shukran AwardSustainability Report

Qatofin, together with QAPCO, has been publishing a yearly Sustainability Report since 2010, highlighting the companies’ economic, social and environmental performance.

The latest editions have been produced as per the Qatar Energy and Industry Sector Sustainability report standard, as part of the Sustainable Development Industry Reporting (SDIR) program and obtained GRI certifications.